when the going gets tough

The challenge is digital transformation. Organizations need successful IT initiatives that support business change. Today managing IT means more than management of time, cost and scope. Processes of risk management, project control and quality management are changing. Security and compliancy requirements multiply organization risks. The rapidly changing environment and technology ask for flexibility and software agility. Agile project management is the new default. New skills are needed.


QualityMinds uses actual theoretical concepts and more than 20 years in transformation programs to provide guidance and control on IT initiatives. We provide agile project management, management consulting and coaching. It is our goal to excel and outperform our customer’s expectations.

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business stories & customer experiences

In our business stories we like to share some experiences of our projects with you. If you have any questions or feedback after reading one of our stories, please feel free to contact us. We are always willing to share and discuss trends, thoughts and challenges on digital transformation and IT

adopting agile

Agility is a buzz word and misinterpreted in many ways. Too often agile methods like SCRUM does not meet the high expectations of better control on IT development. We think that adopting agile starts with an understanding of its core values. If you embrace the core values and are willing to live according to it, you can adopt the lean-agile mindset and evincive apply its principles. A framework that supports adoption of agile in a corporate scale is SAFe. qualityminds has certified SAFe Program Consultants that support organizations in implementing agile concepts in IT programs.

agile in a standard software (ERP) environment

For a customer in commodity trading we were involved in the implementation of a new ERP system. Traditionally implementation follows a sequential path of development stages (i.e. waterfall), from analysis to design, develop, test and deploy. The complexity of the business, the uncertainty in market developments and the significant part of customizations asked for another approach. Although the limited scale of the organization, we used concepts of the SAFe framework to address the need for agility. We used the PI Planning to define a high level roadmap for the next 9 months and an increment definition to set feasible objectives for the first quarter. A kanban board supported the implementation team to focus on the development of a limited number of requirements. The efficacy of roadmap, increment and kanban provided transparency. Moreover it brought us discipline and gave us direction. Every two weeks planning objectives were evaluated and adjusted if necessary. The results were manifest for both supplier and customer. Team motivation and effectiveness increased significantly.
The approach proved that agile concepts can be used in the context of more traditional approaches. What is important is that agile is not defined as a method, but as a way to address/resolve specific issues. In our case: team planning to have a common understanding of project strategy, process discipline (cadens), focus (limited WIP) and team communication (Kanban board).

related services

In this business story we used the SAFe framework to define and adjust the project approach. SAFe is an industry standard for scaling agile. It supports agile teams in program or corporate settings and it provides guidance in hybrid waterfall/agile programs. qualityminds has certified SAFe Program Consultant that can provide inhouse training with Scaled Agile certifications of the following modules:

▪︎ Leading SAFe

▪︎ SAFe for teams

▪︎ SAFe Product Manager/Product Owner

▪︎ SAFe Scrum Master

Please contact us for detailed information on available SAFe 4.0 and SAFe 4.5 courses.


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